A Prayer Guide For Reaching the Lost Edit

There are many different religions around the world put in place by Satan to keep people away from the truth about Jesus Christ, but how and when should we pray for them? How can we keep our requests organized?

Well Sam Dean, the founder of has some advice to share for aspiring evangelists and prayer warriors who want to make a difference!

What we need to do is have special times when we pray for the lost. Thankfully, the Devil has actually given the Church a way to coordinate their efforts. Every non-Christian religion has holidays they celebrate, and we just need to use those holidays as a prayer guide. We can use the dates of these religious and civil holidays used to organize prayer rallies so the Church around the world can begin asking God for insight into how we can begin to be able to make new converts to Christianity from each of these religions.

We are going to have a note here below that we will update each month to call the Church around the world to pray at least once a day, every day for the well being of a specific religious group.


October 2017

There is an American holiday for the Native American Indians in October. For that reason I want to invite you to pray that they would be drawn to the Gospel this month. Let's ask God for insight into how the Church can share faith with them.