Discipleship and Creation is a 5 part podcast series Sam Dean recorded for his website,, to share his thoughts on what people who are in the Discipleship process need to be taught..

Each of the 5 podcasts has a different topic, and all five were recorded from scripts that were written to be closely connected with the very first podcast, especially the fifth one in this series, which pulls the listener back to the importance of the Message of Christianity.

The five topics in the Discipleship and Creation series are:

  1. The Origin of Life and Providence
  2. Prayer and Miracles
  3. Angels and Demons
  4. Relationships (Gender roles, government, homosexuality, and racism)
  5. Covenant(s)

Now that the Discipleship and Creation Podcasts are available at, we have come recommend resources for those who want to help new converts!

We have 2 books and 2 songs that are so closely related, we decided to share them together!

The first book is "The Day Satan Called" by Bill Scott, and we recommend "The Edge," a song by Michael Card to go with it. The second book is "A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23" by W. Phillip Keller, and we recommend "The Chorus of Faith" by Michael Card to go with it.

Both of these songs are available on Youtube.

Well, that is all the redeeming love we have to share at this point...

This is (Not) the End.