Discipleship and Scripture is a 2 part podcast series coming soon to their website ( that deals with reading the Bible, which Sam Dean considers to be The First Task of the Teacher in the Discipleship process.

The First Task of the Teacher is to help new converts learn to read the Bible, and we have some resources that others have made which we want to recommend to anyone who wants to help new converts nurture their new faith.

We have one book to recommend sharing with new converts at this point in the Discipleship process, and its name is "God Breathed" by Josh McDowell. When Josh McDowell was in college, he was an atheist who realized his life was empty and unfulfilling. Josh also found a small group of people who seemed to have an inner peace in their lives that he had never seen before, and one of them actually claimed Jesus Christ was the source of that inner peace!

Josh decided to do a research project to prove that what the New Testament said about Jesus Christ could not possibly be true, and he came to realize that he could not be intellectually honest and deny that what Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote was the truth!

"God Breathed" is a book talking about what kind of book the Bible is, and even tells a story about how Josh McDowell came to own some handwritten manuscripts in the original languages!

We also have two sermon excerpts you can listen to on YouTube we want to recommend; you can type the following into YouTube's search engine:

"Why Do People Interpret the Bible Differently?" by LaneCh

Study to Show Thyself Approved by LaneCh

We also have two songs to share with you as you help new converts.

The first song is "The Book" by Michael Card, and you can find a lyrics video for it on YouTube. The second song is also by Michael Card, and its name is "So Many Books."

Well, that is all the Redeeming Love we can recommend for those who want to help new converts at this point in the Discipleship process, but there is always the next step!

The next step: ☀