How To Serve The Lord is an Internet blog Sam Dean set up to share three point outlines containing practical advice on how to work in evangelism and discipleship. Each entry corresponds to the work of the evangelist or the seven tasks of the teacher (which are still under construction). The How To Serve the Lord blog is updated every time a new series of podcasts is available.

The available posts are given here with the Podcasts they are closely related to in parenthesis:

Being Born Again (The Message of Christianity)

Godly Living (Discipleship Orientation)

Reading Scripture (Discipleship and Scripture, Parts 1 and 2)

Recognizing God (Discipleship and God, Parts 1-5)

The Real World (Discipleship and Creation, Parts 1-5)

Sam Dean shared that he was trying to write blog posts the way the Apostle James wrote his letter in the New Testament, and once joked that he might have been too good at imitating James style, reflecting on a negative reaction he got to one post, but declined to share the details.